Bring an extra pair of drawers on Sunday, October 30th as you'll love wetting yourself in our pitch dark haunted attraction!

Finger FlashlightThat's right! From 7pm-10pm, all the lights in the haunted house go out for our ever-popular, annual Fright Light Night. What's that lurking around the corner? Who knows! You can't even see that there IS a corner! ...or can you? Yeah, okay, we're not that cruel. We have one piece of defense for you. For $1 at the box office you're invited to purchase a LED finger flashlight. This itty bitty, tiny flashlight will protect you as you use it, I guess you can't really defend yourself with it at all! At least you'll be able to see who is attacking you though. That'll make your side of the story a little more engaging someday when you and the beast enjoy a drink on the other side and share some laughs about the event.

Don't be left out in the dark. Come experience the thrill that everyone is talking about...which...well...yeah, okay, it actually does involve being left out in the dark.

Tickets are $15 online or $18 at the door. Purchase yours today!

The Darkness
Here is a fun picture of one of our
happy guests enjoying the darkness last year.